School Sessions

Our school programmes are designed to work with your children and develop their cognitive, physical and social skills within fun, safe activities. 

PE Lessons

Lunch Time Activities

After School Clubs

We provide exciting and engaging PE lessons, lunch time activities and after school clubs for children of all ages.

Teachers can choose to work alongside our qualified and experienced coaches to develop their confidence and understanding of delivery or know that the children are in safe hands if they chose to use that time for their planning and preparation.

Competition is vital for children’s development so due to this as of September 24, we will be inviting schools to compete in local tournaments. 

Whether you are a school of limited resources or are highly focused on sport, working with us gives your children and PE departments the opportunity to learn from the best. 

We will work with you to develop a programme suitable for your school which will ensure improvement through our weekly sessions. 

Contact us for further information and to agree a programme to suit your needs. 

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